Ready to boost your confidence with a teeth whitening treatment that will have you smiling again?

Teeth whitening can provide patients with a quick and economical “smile makeover” that can sometimes transform their overall appearance, especially for those who have yellowing, stained or discolored teeth from years of smoking or consuming dark foods and beverages.

At Davis Family Dental Care, Dr. Paul Davis and his daughters, Dr. Dakota Davis and Dr. Lauren Davis, offer their Bedford area dental patients the options of in office professional teeth whitening, a take home kit or a combination of both for maximum results. Professional teeth whitening, including the customized take home “DIY” kit, offers results that are superior to over the counter kits that are widely available.

The in office treatment, using the revolutionary Zoom whitening system, can be completed by Dr. Davis and associates in approximately one hour, and patients can return immediately to their daily routine. The Zoom system uses high quality, professional grade products that are accelerated with the use of a special light for maximum whitening results. Patients typically see results that are up to 8 shades lighter after treatment! Zoom products offer patients the added benefit of reduced sensitivity post treatment.

The take home kit includes the same professional quality products as well as a set of customized bleaching trays that are to be used for a specified period of time for excellent results that are a bit more gradual than an in office treatment. For maximum results, patients can receive an in office treatment and follow up at home with a take home kit.

Teeth whitening can last for up to a year with good oral hygiene, including regular preventive care cleanings and exams with Davis Family Dental Care in Bedford- and the occasional touch up treatment! For long lasting results it is important to avoid tobacco use and the frequent consumption of dark foods and beverages- especially coffee and teas.

Ready for a quick boost to your smile? Experience the results of a Zoom whitening treatment at Davis Family Dental Care in Bedford.