For most patients, losing a tooth is a traumatic event that can have a detrimental affect on daily living: eating a normal diet and speaking can become difficult, especially if multiple teeth are lost or removed. Replacing teeth quickly and effectively is important in order to maintain oral health and prevent additional dental problems from developing.

Bedford dentists Drs. Paul, Lauren and Dakota Davis of Davis Family Dental Care offer several options, but often recommend dental implants for replacing lost teeth because of the many long term benefits they offer patients. Dental implants have both health and cosmetic benefits, but most importantly enable patients to continue to enjoy a good quality of life because they function like a natural tooth!120697670

The tiny titanium post implanted in the jaw bone acts much like a tooth root. Not only does this create a secure, permanent tooth replacement, but the implanted post helps to retain bone in the jaw. When a tooth is lost, over time the jaw bone will shrink, affecting the position of remaining teeth and the appearance of the patient as the jaw sinks inward.

Dental implants can also be used to secure a denture for patients who have lost all of their top or bottom teeth. Known as “all-on-four”, implant secured dentures can restore a patient’s smile and their ability to eat and speak normally again. For those who have long suffered with slipping or poor fitting dentures, this can be life changing!

Held in place with as few as four strategic implants, “all-on-four” dentures are comfortable, custom fit and natural looking. In addition, patients no longer have to deal with daily cleaning and maintenance.

Maintaining a comfortable and healthy smile is an important part of physical well being and can also help patients live a rich, full life as they age.

Your dentist at Davis Family Dental Care can discuss the best option for you during a consultation in their Bedford dentist office.

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