Husband And Wife Affectionately Exchanging Christmas GiftsIt is the most magical time of the year and Bedford Davis Family Dental Care wants you and your family to smile bright all season long. Dr.Paul Davis, Dr. Lauren Drennan and Dr. Dakota Davis and our dental care team offer some tips and tricks on how to keep you family smiling this holiday season.

Jingle All The Way.. To Healthy Teeth

The ADA and Dr. Davis recommend brushing your teeth for two whole minutes, twice a day. Playing a song while your kids brush is a great trick for making sure they brush for two minutes all year round. Encourage your children to keep up with their daily brushing routine during this busy holiday season by playing their favorite holiday music. Most songs are about two minutes long so when the song is over, they can stop brushing.

Stay On Track

We know this time of year is busy. Between shopping, holiday gatherings and work and school it can be difficult to maintain your regular routine. As important as it is that your children stick with their regular oral hygiene routine, it is equally important that you do to. Make sure you are brushing and flossing twice a day even as your schedule gets hectic. Do not make your oral hygiene a new year’s resolution. Dr. Davis encourages patients to practice proper oral hygiene every day, all year long.

Smile Bright All Season Long

Dr. Davis and our dental care team want you to feel confident sharing your smile. Teeth whitening is a cost effective and efficient way to brighten your smile in a short amount of time. Schedule an appointment with your Bedford dentist office to get started on your Zoom whitening treatment for a brighter smile by Christmas.

Give the gift of a beautiful smile! Remember, teeth whitening treatments can also be a great gift to give someone you love.

Schedule An Appointment

After the holiday season slows down, make sure you schedule your dentist appointment with Dr. Davis. Professional teeth cleaning and a dental exam can help make sure all those cookies are not taking a toll on your oral health.