498047653Schools out and summer is rapidly approaching, so what better time is there to schedule your routine cleaning and dental exam. It is no surprise that children may not enjoy going to the dentist, but at Davis Family Dental in Bedford, TX, Drs. Dakota Davis, Paul Davis, and Laura Drennan provide a safe, comfortable environment for your littles ones to get the care they need. Establishing healthy oral health habits during youth is important in order to combat any bad habits or complex problems that may arise in adulthood.

Making Preventative Dental Care Fun At Home

Great preventative care starts at home. Healthy teeth don’t have to be boring; there are quite a few ways to make healthy teeth fun.

  • Make picking out your child’s dental material fun. Does your child have a favorite superhero? We guarantee there is a toothbrush out there with their favorite superhero plastered on the front. Letting your child have an instrumental part in their oral health will help promote healthy oral health habits.
  • Creating a fun teeth related reward system. Offering small rewards like stickers or a coloring book for brushing or flossing can help get kids more involved in the oral health process.
  • Play a game or some interesting music while brushing and flossing. Getting your kids excited to brush and floss helps them look forward to taking care of their teeth. Soon enough, your kids will begin brushing and flossing without a reminder!

The importance of Preventative For Children

Children ages 6-18 are at a higher risk to develop complex problems such as tooth decay. Preventive care is set into place to help combat issues like tooth decay and cavities. Preventive care visits consist of teeth cleanings, fluoride/sealant application, and an overall exam of the teeth, mouth, and jaw.

Preventative care is necessary for children to begin healthy oral health habits at a young age. Developing healthy oral health habits early prevents the development of complex problems in the future.

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We understand that your child’s oral health is an important part of growing up. We offer a variety of personalized dental services to our younger patients at Davis Family Dental. Please feel free to call 817.382.8869 or schedule an appointment online.