Understanding your dental insurance can help you better utilize your dental benefits and get the dental care you need. Most dental benefits revolve around the calendar year, which means to get the most out of your benefits you should use them by the end of the year. Most dental benefits don’t roll over to the next year so if you don’t use them before the year ends then you lose them. At Davis Family Dental Care, our team of dentists works to provide advanced, patient-focused dental care for all of our patients. We understand that dental procedures can be costly so we offer a range of payment options so that patients can get the dental care they need to improve their smile.

  • Cash, personal checks, and money orders
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
  • Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts

To help patients understand their benefits our staff is trained to assist you in maximizing your dental benefits. So if you have any questions regarding your dental insurance and benefits, contact our experienced dental care team at Davis Family Dental Care in Bedford, TX.

Dental Benefits

Regarding dental insurance, there are certain keywords you should be aware of. These key terms can help you better understand your dental insurance.

Deductible: Your deductible is the amount of money you are responsible for paying before your dental insurance company will cover the cost. If you aren’t sure how much your deductible is, contact your dental insurance company.

Maximums: The maximum amount of money your insurance will cover a year.

Coinsurance: Depending on your insurance, you may be responsible for paying a coinsurance. Your coinsurance is an amount of money you are responsible for paying after your deductible is met. Your insurance company will pay for part of your treatment, and you may be responsible for paying the other part (coinsurance).

Exclusion: Exclusion is a list of treatments or procedures your insurance will not cover. Exclusion varies from insurance company to insurance company, so you should contact your dental insurance to get a list of your exclusions depending on your plan.

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Talking to your dental insurance company or one of our trained staff at Davis Family Dental Care can help you get a better understanding of your benefits so that you can get the coverage and dental treatment you need. To schedule an appointment, contact our Bedford, TX dental office.


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