Crooked or crowded teeth can cause more than embarrassment about your smile. They can also eventually lead to oral health problems by changing the stability and function of your bite.

Davis Family Dental Care is a Smart Moves® provider, offering treatment with clear aligners for a wide range of dental health and cosmetic concerns. Smart Moves, a maker of invisible braces similar to Invisalign®, offers a discreet way to achieve a new smile for adults. For two week periods, over the course of a year, the system gently and discreetly repositions your teeth with little impact on your daily activities. Smart Moves can give you the smile you want without the change in your appearance or other difficulties caused by traditional metal braces.

With Smart Moves patients can still enjoy their favorite foods and oral hygiene is the same as before the patient began treatment since the aligners are removable. They are designed to be worn for about 22 hours a day and won’t irritate the patients’ gums or sensitive areas of the mouth like traditional braces can.


Even though our teeth have set in place by the time we are adults, that does not mean you are too old or it’s too late to undergo orthodontic treatment to have straighter teeth. Many adults receive treatment with braces or Smart Moves® and have positive results. Smart Moves® treats mild to moderate orthodontic issues, and it can also be used to address minor tooth movement after previous orthodontic treatment, preserving the results of previous orthodontic care. Smart Moves® is also an option to treat underbite, overbite,  and other tooth spacing concerns.


The importance of straightening crooked or overlapping teeth is based in more than just cosmetics. Crooked teeth are more prone to be damaged and more susceptible to decay both of which may cause more health problems in the future. Serious overbite and underbite issues can destabilize your bite which can also affect your oral health. Finally, properly aligned teeth are less likely to suffer decay and plaque buildup due to being easier to brush and floss.

You deserve to feel comfortable smiling! If you’re ready to to smile your best smile, schedule a  consultation to meet with Dr. Paul Davis, Dr. Dakota Davis or Dr. Laura Drennan today to create your unique treatment plan and discuss budget options. We work with a variety of patients and budgets, so don’t hesitate to contact our Bedford TX office today at 817.382.8869.

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