During the COVID-19 crisis, many of our patients have been stuck at home and unable to attend their regular dental hygiene appointments. Additionally, there isn’t much to do when you’re stuck at home all day except for snacking. As your trusted dentist in Bedford, TX, we wanted to provide some snack suggestions for your quarantine that are smile-friendly and dentist-approved. Here are some of our best suggestions for snacks that your teeth will thank you for later.


Replace that bowl of candy with a bowl of nuts. Almonds, cashews, and walnuts are just as easy to reach for and eat on-the-go like most of your other favorite snacks; however, they also have added health benefits. Nuts are full of vitamins and minerals that help keep your teeth, gums, and jawbone healthy and strong. They also help stimulate saliva, which is what keeps your mouth moist and clears your teeth of residue.


For patients who experience frequent jaw pain due to teeth grinding or jaw clenching, we recommend softer snacks like bites of cheese. You can purchase cubed cheese, stringed cheese, or sliced cheese. Any cheese that you can find is a great snack to keep on hand. Not only is it soft and easy to chew, but it also helps balance the pH of your mouth and neutralizes any harmful acidic residue. Cheese is also filled with proteins and calcium, which are essential for good oral health.

Apple Slices

Keep some apple slices on hand if you are known for having a sweet tooth. Unlike other sweets, apple slices contain a lot of water which helps counteract the sugars and acids. Additionally, eating apple slices can freshen your breath and even remove plaque from your teeth surfaces as you eat them. Most importantly, apple slices are full of Vitamin C, which your body needs to rid yourself of harmful infections or gum disease. Follow up your apple slices with a glass of water to wash away any acidic residue left behind on your tooth surfaces. Your teeth will thank you later!

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