The Many Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

One of the most important aspects of modern dentistry is restoring and maintaining a patient’s dental health because of the role it plays in both overall physical well being and daily quality of life. Bedford dentists Dr. Paul Davisand his …
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Are you grinding your teeth?

Tooth grinding, also known as Bruxism, can have a variety of causes, but is often the sign of an underlying bite or temporomandibular disorder (TMD). Many patients do not realize that they are clenching or grinding their teeth because it …
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Keep smiling with dental implants.

For most patients, losing a tooth is a traumatic event that can have a detrimental affect on daily living: eating a normal diet and speaking can become difficult, especially if multiple teeth are lost or removed. Replacing teeth quickly and …
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Tooth bonding: what could it do for your smile?

Crooked, damaged and chipped teeth can often be straightened, repaired and restored quickly with tooth bonding. Drs. Davis at Davis Family Dental Care in Bedford offer a variety of tooth bonding procedures to correct your dental problems and give you …
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Dental implants or dentures: what are the benefits? | Bedford, TX

Missing teeth, or losing a tooth, can be a traumatic experience and affects daily life for many patients: chewing food is difficult in many cases and speech can also be affected. Frequently, embarrassment is also a factor and patients find …
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A healthy smiler is part of overall good health! | Davis Family Dental Care, Bedford

Restore your oral health with a preventive care visit to Davis Family Dental Care in Bedford, TX- or consider that “smile makeover” you have always wanted! In recent years, there has been mounting evidence showing the connection between oral health …
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