Oral cancer awareness, Bedford, TXAt some point in most patients adult life they will experience tooth decay to varying severity. Left untreated tooth decay can lead to complex dental health concerns. When caught early, cavities can be treated without advanced dental procedures like tooth extraction. Dental fillings are a common dental procedure that can effectively resolve local tooth decay. Davis Family Dental Care in Bedford, TX offers dental filling options to help meet your oral health goals.

Dental Fillings Bedford, TX

Restorative dentists Drs. Paul Davis, Dakota Davis and Lauren Drennan are highly experienced in all types of dental fillings. Dental fillings are an effective and routine restorative dentistry procedure. Dental fillings are commonly used to repair tooth decay or damaged teeth. Today’s dental fillings are discreet and effective in restoring strength to your teeth and protecting your teeth from future damage. There are different types of dental fillings offered at our Bedford dentist office. Our Davis Family care team will help to determine what dental filling is ideal for your optimal oral health.

Dental Filling Options Bedford, TX

Gold Fillings

Best Used For: Gold fillings are ideal for restorative work done in non visible areas, like molars and back of mouth.
Benefits: Gold fillings are highly durable and able to withstand high impact.

Resin Dental Fillings or Tooth Bonding

Best Used For: Resin dental fillings are ideal for minimal decay or minor cosmetic dental concerns.
Benefits: Nearly an invisible restoration option, resin fillings blend into your natural tooth. They can usually be completed in a single visit to our Bedford dentist office.

Porcelain Dental Fillings

Best Used For: Porcelain dental fillings are used to treat significant damage or decay. Also known as inlay, onlay.
Benefits: Your porcelain inlay/onlay will be fabricated in dental laboratory for a long lasting custom fit. Porcelain fillings can last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

If you are suffering from tooth pain, sensitivity, or chronic halitosis, you may be experiencing tooth decay. If you suspect you have a cavity, be sure to schedule your appointment with our Davis Family dentists as soon as possible. If left untreated tooth decay can result in complex dental health concerns. For your best long term oral health and smile aesthetics schedule routine dentist visits. Preventative care is your best defense against oral health concerns.