If you think you need a tooth extraction, contact our Bedford, Texas dental office for a consultation with one of the dentists at Davis Family Dental Care. The dentist will evaluate your condition and make recommendations for a full treatment plan.

Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction

When you have tooth pain, it may seem like the best treatment is to have the tooth pulled. In most cases of, however, our dentists will support the decision to preserve the natural tooth. For teeth with decay, this can be accomplished with a root canal procedure. Cracked or broken teeth can often be restored with a dental crown.

There are situations, however, where a tooth extraction is the best choice. In these cases, the dentist will design a treatment plan to remove the tooth and replace it either with a dental implant, dental bridge or denture. It is important to replace missing teeth quickly to prevent supporting bone from deteriorating and remaining teeth from shifting.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The most common type of tooth extractions we perform in our practice is wisdom tooth removal. We may perform treatment in our Bedford, TX dentist office or refer you to a local oral surgeon for treatment.

Caring For Extracted Teeth

It is important to follow your dentists instructions after having a tooth extraction to avoid dry socket or infection. This video from the American Dental Association explains some basic care precautions you should take.

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