Kate was born with enamel deformities (enamel hypoplasia) that had been treated multiple times with bonding. We treated it with full porcelain crowns. The patient has now moved away but still stays in contact all the time. She’s so happy she still stays in contact with us.

Composite Bonding

A college-age young man broke a front tooth, we were able to repair same day with composite bonding.


Penny was a lifetime grinder who was dissatisfied with the length of her teeth. She underwent gingival recontouring and received full porcelain crowns on 8 upper teeth.


A combination of grinding, acid erosion and toothbrush abrasion damaged Mike’s teeth. He was treated with 6 upper full porcelain crowns. “His wife asked for him to be treated”

Mini Smile Makeover

This patient received a mini smile makeover due to incisal wear. The mini smile makeover was completed with composite bonding.